Sci-Fi Drabble 1

Peyton was sitting at his kitchen table when someone began trying to bang down his door. He got up, looked out the peephole, and saw that Katrine was the one assaulting the door.

“Stop! Don’t punch me, I’m opening the door.” Peyton unlocked the deadbolt and let in the cold night air along with Katrine.

Kathrine was clearly out of breath. “Where … are … your guns?” she panted.

“The basement I dug that no one in this building knows about. Speaking of my neighbors, you probably woke some of them up.”

“It doesn’t matter, they’ll wake up sooner or later. Imperial forces are outside the city. I saw them while patrolling, then sky-skated over here as quickly as I could.”

“Do you think the government will organize an effort to fight back?” Peyton whispered, afraid to hear the answer.

“I doubt it. They’ve always denied this threat. I’m sure they think that surrender will make the Empire more lenient,” Katrine sneered.

Peyton began moving his table and the rug beneath it. He opened a door on the floor. Behind it were guns, all organized by firepower: from the twenty electric handguns to a single shoulder mounted blast launcher.

Katrine reached in and removed an electric handgun. “I’ll need to travel light. I’ll wake up every rebel in this district and tell them to sky skate here to receive¬†armaments.”

Peyton put on a determined looking face for Katrine’s benefit. “Sounds like a plan. And Katrine …”


“Stay safe.”


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