Cosplay Edition! (Part 2: Luna Lovegood)

I recently attended a celebration of Harry Potter’s birthday that included crafts, trivia, and a costume contest. I approached this costume a little differently than the Agent Carter one.


(Also, there was cake.)

For this costume, I followed a similar process to Cosplay Edition! (Part 1: Agent Carter). However, since I was limited to Harry Potter, I narrowed my focus. I took most of my inspiration from this image:


Source: Pottermore

I traced my glasses on paper to make a foundation for Luna’s Spectrespecs. I then sketched the tendrils (five on each side). I then cut this out, cut holes for my eyes, and colored it pink. I taped this to my glasses.

Since vibrant prints seem to be Luna’s trademark, I focused on those. I chose a floral skirt to wear over my jeans and an outer space print infinity scarf to go around my neck. (Scarf tutorial coming soon.) I also pulled my hair into the side ponytail seen above.



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