Cosplay Edition! (Part 1: Agent Carter)

I recently had the pleasure of attending San Diego Comi-Con … and by that I mean that I did not have a ticket, but I walked around outside of Comi-Con. As someone who loves making costumes, I HAD to cosplay. However, I spent most of the time leading up to the trip working on a Wonder Woman costume for my sister (tutorial coming soon). This left me with a dilemma of how to dress up, without having to actually sew a costume.

The first step of easy cosplay is to inventory your wardrobe, while thinking of what clothes could form the base of a costume. Keep it easy, but focus on your favorite characters.

For most characters, focus on their most iconic outfit. However, if you want to dress as an Old West-AU Hermione Granger, more power to you.

  •  For this step I choose to use my shorter blue dress to cosplay as Peggy Carter.


Source: From Pinterest

Next, purchase any accessories. Remember, keep it iconic and simple (if you want). I could not find a red fedora on short notice, so I purchased a red straw hat from Dollar Tree.

And with a touch of makeup and the reddest lipstick I could borrow from my sister: I was Agent Peggy Carter!

Source: My camera and Agent Carter Image


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