Some Other Pillows I’ve Made

Some may have seen my pillow tutorial How to make a Pillow. I’ve also made full sized pillows. Here are some that I made in order to acquire goods and services.

I made this Bill Cipher pillow in exchange for some ukulele lessons:

Bill Cipher pillow

I made this skull pillow in exchange for some cookies:

Skull pillow


Sci-Fi Drabble 1

Peyton was sitting at his kitchen table when someone began trying to bang down his door. He got up, looked out the peephole, and saw that Katrine was the one assaulting the door.

“Stop! Don’t punch me, I’m opening the door.” Peyton unlocked the deadbolt and let in the cold night air along with Katrine.

Kathrine was clearly out of breath. “Where … are … your guns?” she panted.

“The basement I dug that no one in this building knows about. Speaking of my neighbors, you probably woke some of them up.”

“It doesn’t matter, they’ll wake up sooner or later. Imperial forces are outside the city. I saw them while patrolling, then sky-skated over here as quickly as I could.”

“Do you think the government will organize an effort to fight back?” Peyton whispered, afraid to hear the answer.

“I doubt it. They’ve always denied this threat. I’m sure they think that surrender will make the Empire more lenient,” Katrine sneered.

Peyton began moving his table and the rug beneath it. He opened a door on the floor. Behind it were guns, all organized by firepower: from the twenty electric handguns to a single shoulder mounted blast launcher.

Katrine reached in and removed an electric handgun. “I’ll need to travel light. I’ll wake up every rebel in this district and tell them to sky skate here to receive armaments.”

Peyton put on a determined looking face for Katrine’s benefit. “Sounds like a plan. And Katrine …”


“Stay safe.”

Marvel’s Inhumans Review

This weekend, I was able to see Inhumans in theatres. Personally, I really enjoyed it. I don’t entirely understand all of the bad reviews. So here is my review, point by point:


  • Characters
    • Black Bolt – The actor did a good job, despite being unable to speak. I wish that he would have used ASL. Yes, that would be a plot hole, but I think that there would be a benefit to incorporating ASL.
    • Medusa – I was disappointed that her powers were taken out so easily. However, I liked her inner anger. In addition, I am curious about her connection to Maximus’ ideas when she was younger.
    • Gorgon – Him leaving the communicator on seemed short sighted. However, I definitely loved this character’s determination to continue the fight. I think that his team up with the humans in later episodes (as hinted at by the trailers) will showcase his leadership skills. 
    • Maximus – The royal family is hard to root for in general, due to the rigid class system that they support. This made it seem like Maximus is the protagonist, even though he is most definitely the villain. I understand that we should feel sympathetic towards the character, however, Maximus’ valid point muddled who the audience should be rooting for.
    • Karnak – I liked the way his powers were presented. I wish that they could have explained his injury further, but hopefully, an explanation will come soon.
    • Crystal (and Lockjaw) – She seems to be one of the smarter and more capable members of the royal family. She is one of the youngest members, yet was able to rescue her family. We didn’t get a lot of background on her, and I’m excited to figure out what happened with the whole “her parents hating the royal family thing”.
    • Triton – We didn’t learn much about him, but hopefully we will in future episodes (if he survived).
  • Plot
    • I think that the setup is interesting. I hope that the dialogue improves, as I found it a little cheesy. All in all, the characters appear to have room for growth and good storylines set up for them.

Obligatory Eclipse Post

I really enjoyed the eclipse. I wasn’t able to get eclipse glasses, so I made a pinhole projector. Here is a tutorial so you can make one for the 2024 eclipse: 


  • One piece of white copy paper
  • One business card (or small piece of cardstock)
  • Pen


  1. Use the pen to poke a small hole into the business card.
  2. Take the business card and the copy paper out side.
  3. Place the copy paper on the ground in the sun.
  4. Hold the business card at a comfortable position, and adjust until you see the projection of the eclipse.